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Holism Helps Others

In taking a nursing theory course I have learned key ideas emphasize the importance of evidenced based researched interventions by involving a comprised collection of many notions.  This includes additional theories of other disciplines integrated with nursing theory; and is known as “borrowed theories”.

The basis of nursing theory is supported by the Synergy Model, which recognizes the circumstantial “totality” of the “patient-nurse” relationship by encouraging a more humanistic and holistic approach to healthcare as a whole.  As a result, interventions can be “tailored” to the patient based on their individual, unique needs; establishing opportunity for a positive outcome; which has affected the way in which I now see as the “patient-nurse” relationship.  I now have an improved understanding of the perspective of the patient, based on this conceptual framework; along with being able to effectively communicate with patients.

Today nurse’s seem to be unaware to the patient’s core needs, and consequently having a negative effect on the quality of care being conveyed to the patient.   Despite the reality that negativity exists and sometimes prevails in our healthcare system today; in knowing the Synergy Model is emphasized in the curriculum of nursing study, brings hope that the discipline of nursing can be steered in the direction of a more patient oriented focus of practice.

The Synergy Model  helps the  patient identify personal intention, providing a higher sense of awareness, internally and externally.  Integrating aspects of one life area to another is important, because immediate competing demands and/or preferences may arise, and one’s well-being is dependent on environmental factors (social influences), which may involve interaction (interpersonal influences), and potentially prompt a response; affecting the outcome.  Other influences that may be related to a person’s biophysical, physiological, and/or psychological status will most likely have an effect on their life experiences and health status.

It is important  for nurses to  look at their own  beliefs and practices of patient care ,is will also be a factor in the patient’s wellness.  Nursing theory:  Modeling and Role Modeling is used to enhance patient outcome by providing an opportunity for nursing professionals to look at a situation from a deeper cognitive point, and to identify the patient’s main objective for therapeutic management.

This model allows for a better understanding of the patient and their needs; recognizing individuality but also providing dependable support at the same time.  It just shows how a lifetime of growth and development shapes our surrounding environment; which we learn to adapt to.  When modeling is used to enhance interventions, affiliated-individuation becomes more apparent, and role modeling becomes even more effective and linear to the patients unique needs.

The underlying driving force to making personal perceptions into desired realities is self efficacy, which is dependent on one’s ability to utilize specific behaviors for its purpose in improving the quality of one’s health; resulting in optimal wellness.

I recognize the importance learning about nursing theory has  on patient outcome.  In the beginning of taking this course I experienced some difficulty in understanding the material.  In reviewing my earlier pieces of work, I found that I was making things more difficult for myself than I had to, and as a result I wasn’t seeing what the question was actually asking.  Nevertheless, with determination and positive feedback on returned papers (which I believe can make all the difference) I learned from my mistakes.  I remained positive in my outcome expectations and over time I was able to build upon my new knowledge of theory and become more proficient in the course assignments.  Cognitively I am confident that this theory course has met my needs in that I feel like I have learned a great deal of useful information that will stay with me throughout my nursing career.  As I progress through the accelerated nursing program, I find myself willing to take more risks, which I attribute to some of the theories I have learned about from this course.

The larger ideas from each theory contribute meaning to the term of Holism.  Holism is the idea of a “sacred space” that is so impressive that it permeates a certain kind of confidence.  I hope to reach this pinnacle point someday by maintaining a positive outlook on life’s unexpected events; seeing them as opportunities.  I hope that the intention that motivates me transfers in my nursing practice; having positive impact on others.

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Early Phases of  a Web Design

Well here is my proposed web design that has proven to be an ongoing work in progress.  I have come to realize and appreciate the work that goes into  designing a website.  Although this is my first web design and I am sure my perception of the creative process is somewhat skewed, the small progress I make here and there are identifiable.  This is very obvious in my initial pencil and paper draft, or even the following draft.  It’s an exciting process to think (hopefully before I complete this Graduate program) this website may someday actually be up and functionally running.

First Time Look & Self Assessment

Starting off with the Home page I decided on an all white background and also tried to be cautious not to clutter any available space.  I wanted to give my website a “clean” appearance.  I used three different font types that are seen on all 6 pages.  A lot of time was spent on the type, size, and color of font selection.  The logo is an image of a  dog playfully tugging at a camera against a translucent fill ellipse shape outlined using the paintbrush feature.  The 3-D blue patterned rectangular shape shadowing just behind the logo provides depth of perception.  Additionally, their is the illusion that the logo cuts out an area.  This was done by using the ellipse shaping tool filled with a solid color white and placed in the forefront.  Each page included has basic contact info in the upper right hand corner, a disclaimer in the website footer, and a menu bar to navigate the website content in its entirety.  Lastly, I used the Home page as an opportunity to welcome passing visitors of my site, giving it a more personable touch.

Tools from Adobe Illustration, and Photoshop were the main software used to design.  The various available toolbars within each software was used for further editing.  Color pallets, layers, and opacity were frequently utilized.  Their was no multimedia effects used in my web design, but plans for future use of Adobe Flash is most likely to be used.

(Please click on the images to take you to a larger view)

Home page

The next page is just a brief blurb of my intentions for the photography services being proposed.

About page

The Gallery page provides a sample of photography work for the potential client to expect.  Adobe Bridge was utilized to its fullest for convenience of retrieving the photographs.  Their was minimal photo correction with these particular photos.  Lighting adjustments were used sparingly.  The graphic file formats used for the photos was jpg format.

Gallery page

The following photos are enlarged versions from the Gallery page. Click on image to view actual size…

(I tried to upload the photo slider.  Unfortunately,  my efforts were unsuccessful.  Eventually it will be posted)

The Proofs page is a way for clients to view their own  photo shoot and to select their photographs they wish to purchase.

Proofs page

The Info page is just an added fun page that gives the presentation a light feel.  This page would also be updated periodically with tips for good photo results and/or changes, announcements, and such.

Info page

The Contact page has several different ways to contact.  This way individual preference of communicative mode(s) are also considered.

Contact page


I am quite sure their will be many more modifications to this web design before it’s complete.  Just quickly skimming over my work before I post I have already made some mental notes of changes.  Given my experience I am pleased with the results.This ongoing website project has shed new light on the creative mind and the possibilities that can derive from those ideas.

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